10 Cool Creations from the 3D Printer


The 3D printers are starting a revolution in manufacturing and how people make business. It can now print jet parts on location and create chocolates in a single go. Aside from that, the technology promises lesser costs in production, removing the middlemen, and minimizing the transportation costs.

Customization before was costly. One would need a minimum order of hundreds or thousands. This can be too costly for someone who’s just looking for a single custom item. With 3D printer, this can be done easily and cheaply.

Here are some of the coolest custom creations that one can do with a 3D printer:

1.    Eyewear. Smashing expensive eyewear can be heartbreaking. Through a 3D printer, one can already create new pairs of eyeglasses in various designs and colors. This is less hassle and also cheaper than buying frames every time. It’s also easier to find a design that matches one’s look.

2.    Screws. Losing those extra screws for the furniture is frustrating. 3D printers can print spares on demand without any problem. Plus, the colors are endless. Everyone wants that neon pink screw on, right?

3.    Plant pots. Printing gardening tools and labels is now quicker and cuter. This will surely leave an impressive mark in one’s garden or porch.

4.    Clothes peg. Knowing whose clothes are hung outside is easier with custom clothes peg. No white shirt will get lost in the laundry filled with other white shirts.

5.    Guitar picks. There are many uses to cool guitar picks aside from playing the instrument. This is also a good promotional and marketing gift. Others even create business cards as guitar picks. It’s a cool way to state one’s business.

6.    Custom dice. Custom board designers to those in financial institutions are interested in customized dices. One can get 8-sided dice up to even 20-sided ones. One can put a name or the brand for a different type of promotion.

7.    Buttons. Branding buttons is now quicker and cheaper with 3D printers. Emerging fashion designers don’t need to spend a fortune branding buttons, like the big names in the industry. From coat buttons to shirt buttons, these can be made with a 3D printer.

8.    Phone cases. These are few of the many things that many people would like to be customized. It’s like a blank canvas that everyone carries. There are so many possible ways to customize them, like printing one’s name, picture, or even a favorite line from a song. There’s no need to purchase one that’s highly priced. It’s also a great marketing strategy for startups and musicians to test the waters. 

9.    Poker chips. For those who enjoy having a poker night at home, one can do so with style. Having branded gambling chips surely makes one feel like a real winner. Customizing poker chips will surely be the envy of fellow poker players.

10.  Door stops.This might be a bit boring, but with 3D printers doorstops can now be made fun. There’s no space for a dull door stop at home when one can create them in different colors like teal and pink.