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Man Prints First 3D Printed Moving Vehicle in US

Man Prints First 3D Printed Moving Vehicle in US

With 3D printing on the rise and with the technology becoming more affordable, more and more people can become inventors and makers. It’s now easier to create parts and items through the machine. This can lead to ingenuity and even entrepreneurship for most people. Such availability of 3D printers can also promote engineering and programming not just for average consumers but also for young kids.

A 3D Printed Vehicle

A man from Kansas City claims that he is the first to fully print a working vehicle in the US.

Michael Curry is a former employee of 3D printing company, MakerBot, and a local architect. He says he is more than just a simple nerd. He says he is a 3D printing evangelist who gets excited about the technology and tells people about it.

Curry used a desktop 3D printer to build a fully electronic vehicle. He used resourced found online and the print button.

The huge printed RC weighs around 70 pounds. Curry used a single printer in creating the large pieces of the vehicle. It was printed over five months and with a medium printing setting.The vehicle required $700 of filament to complete. Most of the parts of the vehicle are made of printed plastic, except the metal pieces, bearings, and electric motor. Curry documented the process through YouTube.

Although the vehicle is still too small for humans, it holds a lot of potential. It can also get up and go. The vehicle was debuted at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

The 3D printing technology allows anyone to be an inventor. One does not need to know how to create a car in order to 3D print a version of it. Now, anyone can already build their own car through a 3D printer.

Curry said the technology is incredible as anyone can imagine and build at the same time.

3D Printing Communities

Curry visits the Hammerspace Community Workshop in Brookside to turn his 3D file into a physical product for an affordable price. Other people can also do the same as 3D printing communities and shops are starting to pop like mushrooms in different areas across the country and the world.

In Brookside, they are using the Oni H-Bot printers created by Tom Newell.

The technology is actually quite simple and easy that it empowers consumers to create their own products.

The owner of Hammerspace, Dave Dalton, said the machine lays down the melted plastic one layer after another until the object is finally built. One can also print different materials, like metal, sugar, and plastic.

The Hammerspace Community

Those who need to replace broken pieces in knobs and bikes can visit Hammerspace and create these parts on demand.

Just recently, the community helped a soldier to print fingers of sorts. Most often, people go to the place to have simpler objects printed like vases and action figures.

3D Printing is expected to change the world. This is what everyone at the Hammerspace community believes in.

Curry said that in five years every home will have its own 3D printer.