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HP Focuses on Business 3D Printing

HP Focuses on Business 3D Printing

When 3D printing trend boomed, almost everyone jumped on the bandwagon. From big companies, to the government and even startups, it seems like everybody was smitten by the technology. Many people are investing in research and developing 3D printers.

Although almost everybody has caught up on the trend, Hewlett Packard is one of the latest ones. Many experts noted that the big company is late in adjusting to the newest trend, being one of the largest manufacturers of printers. People have speculated the entry of the brand into the 3D printing world. However, HP’s joining in the market is probably one of the most anticipated news today.

The First Announcement

HP first announced this during their meeting with the shareholders last March. Meg Whitman, the chief executive officer and president of HP, hinted that the company will make a big announcement in June. This got everyone excited, especially the consumers and investors. However, in a blog post, the company updated the statement and noted that the announcement will be made at the end of their fiscal year, which will be by October.

A lot of people thought that this was already too late to enter the market.

Martin Fink, the head of HP Labs and chief technology officer of HP, wrote that the company wants to make sure that they are making high quality and accurate prints with their 3D printers. HP is still solving issues in the printers, especially with technical problems.

Many companies in the industry have been threatened with HP’s announcement, especially the new players in the 3D printing market. HP’s entry poses a great danger to their market share when HP is already an established brand.

Sigh of Relief

Whitman recently revealed that HP will be focusing on business-based 3D printers and not consumer-based ones. Players who are in the consumer-side of the market can know sigh with relief and need not be worried. However, the enterprise level of 3D printing will likely hurt for other players when HP’s printer gets rolled out.

Whitman said that they will make a technology announcement by the end of the year. The company thinks that there is a huge opportunity in this market segment.

She added that this is the business HP needs to be in, especially when it’s consistent with their core.

No matter what the intention HP has in entering the market, it will definitely push the industry. With their research and development team and capital, creating new products will be easier for the brand compared to their competitors.

Looking at the Future

Although there isn’t any confirmation yet on the 3D printer that HP will be offering, it is said that the printer will be about part smoothness, affordability, and speed. Surely, other 3D printer manufacturers will be on the lookout in monitoring HP’s developments.

Whitman is also looking into fine tuning the company during her stay. HP is looking into reducing its spending and generating more corporate cash which will be used in developing 3D printers, tablets, and cloud computing.